Military Encounters

The impact of the military on the history of the American West is diverse and can be read through a multitude of documents. Beyond official records and documentation relating specifically to conflict, items under this thematic umbrella tell a more complex story about military encounters.

An account of the remarkable occurrences in the life and travels of Col. James Smith… 1799 Rare Book Ohio; Pennsylvania
An affecting narrative of the captivity and sufferings of Mrs. Mary Smith who with her husband and three daughters, were taken prisoners by the Indians, in August last 1814 Pamphlet Illinois
An affecting narrative of the captivity and sufferings of Mrs. Mary Smith who with her husband and three daughters, were taken prisoners by the Indians, in August last 1814 Pamphlet Illinois
Annual report of Brigadier General George Cook, U.S. Army: commanding Department of Arizona 1885 Pamphlet Arizona
Annual report of Brigadier General George Cook, U.S. Army: commanding Department of Arizona 1883 Pamphlet Arizona; Mexico
Annual Report of the Quartermaster General, of the operations of the quartermaster's department, for the fiscal year ending on the 30th June, 1850 1851 Rare Book Kansas; Nebraska; Wyoming; Idaho; Oregon; Texas; California; Pacific Northwest
Army sacrifices; or, Briefs from official pigeon-holes. Sketches based on official reports, grouped together for the purpose of illustrating the services and experiences of the regular army of the United States on the Indian frontier 1879 Rare Book The Dakotas; New Mexico; Mexico; Wyoming; Colorado; Texas
Attention, volunteers! Capt. Stapp’s company of mounted volunteers, have been accepted by the War Department, and are ordered to rendezvous at Quincy, as soon as practicable… 1847 Broadside Illinois
[Autograph draft of letter initialled] Correspondence
[Autograph draft unsigned of a letter intended for U.S. Grant] 1865 Correspondence California; Mexico
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to Daniel Bissell] 1807 Correspondence Illinois
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to Dr. Charles Terry of Cleveland, Ohio] 1866 Correspondence Wyoming
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to General B.H. Grierson] 1871 Correspondence Oklahoma; Texas
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to General U.S. Grant] 1862 Correspondence
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to James Baird] 1812 Correspondence
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to Maximiliano G. Vallejo] 1834 Correspondence California
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to William Clark] 1812 Correspondence Washington
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to William Clark] 1811 Correspondence Illinois
[Autograph letter unsigned, addressed to Jonathan Williams] 1800 Correspondence Washington
[Autograph letter unsigned, addressed to Thomas H. Cushing] 1806 Correspondence Mississippi
[Autograph letter, addressed to John Bigelow] 18 Sep 1846 Correspondence Mexico
[Autograph memorandum] Ephemera
Ballad of Love's Independence 1865 Broadside The Dakotas
The battle of Birch Coulee; a wounded man’s description of a battle with the Indians. By Robert K. Boyd. An address given at a meeting of the Sons of veterans at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, in January 1925... 1925 Rare Book Minnesota
Baughman, the Oklahoma scout. Personal reminiscences 1886 Rare Book Oklahoma; Kansas
Bismarck tribune, v.3, no.52; July 6, 1876 1876 Periodical Montana; The Dakotas
The border and the buffalo: an untold story of the southwest plains 1907 Rare Book Missouri; Kansas; Texas; New Mexico
Border tales: around the camp fire, in the Rocky Mountains 1878 Rare Book Wyoming; Montana; Idaho; Nebraska
Buffalo Bill from Prairie to Palace 1893 Rare Book Iowa; Colorado
Buffalo Bill’s wild west and congress of rough riders of the world; historical sketches and programme 1893 Pamphlet Nebraska; Texas
Campaigning against the Sioux. Being extracts from a diary kept during one of the three expeditions participated in by the author against the Sioux, under General Alfred Sully in 1863-4-5... 1906 Pamphlet The Dakotas; Montana
The Cincinnati Directory, containing the names, profession and occupation of the inhabitants of the town, alphabetically arranged… 1819 Directory Ohio; Kentucky
[A collection of miscellaneous general orders and circulars, September 22, 1856 to October 20, 1861. 1856-1861] 1856-1861 Rare Book; Correspondence California; Texas
Commerce of the prairies, or, the journal of a Santa Fe trader: during eight expeditions across the great western prairies, and a residence of nearly nine years in northern Mexico, volume I 1844 Rare Book Mexico; New Mexico
Commerce of the prairies, or, the journal of a Santa Fe trader: during eight expeditions across the great western prairies, and a residence of nearly nine years in northern Mexico, volume II 1844 Rare Book Mexico; New Mexico; Texas; Arkansas
[Commission issued to Alax J. Majors, appointing him Captain of Company No. 6 of the Third Regiment of the Second Brigade in the First Division of the Militia of Iowa Territory] 1840 Broadside; Ephemera Iowa
Conquering the wilderness, or, New pictorial history of the life and times of the pioneer heroes and heroines of America 1883 Rare Book Kentucky; New Mexico; California
Cuartel Cabecera, Distrito de Arizona. Ordenes especiales, no.67. 1862 Broadside Arizona
Cuartel General Distrito de Arizona. Ordenes generales no. 24. 1862 Broadside Arizona
Cuarteles generales, depto. de Nuevo Mejico. Santa Fe, Nuevo Mejico, 12 de Julio de 1864. Ordenes generales, no. 22. 12 Jul 1864 Broadside New Mexico; Texas; Arizona
Death valley in '49... 1894 Rare Book California; Michigan; Wisconsin; Ohio
Department of Arizona, Lieutenant-Colonel George Crook, commanding according to his commission of Brevet Major-General. Headquarters, Prescott, July 1st, 1872. 01 Jul 1872 Pamphlet Arizona
Derrotero de la expedicion en la provincia de los Texas 1722 Rare Book Texas
Diary 1876-1877 Journal Wyoming
The discovery, settlement and present state of Kentucke… 1784 Rare Book Kentucky
Document containing the correspondence, orders, &c. in relation to the disturbances with the Mormons 1841 Rare Book Missouri
Documents of Major Gen. Sam Houston, commander in Chief of the Texian [sic] Army, to his Excellency David G. Burnet, President of the Republic of Texas; containing a detailed account of the battle of San Jacinto 1836 Pamphlet Texas
Drawings by Frederic Remington 1897 Pamphlet; Ephemera; Drawing; Painting Colorado; Arizona
Edwin R. Capron letters 1863-1866 Correspondence
Eight hundred miles in an ambulance 1889 Rare Book; Journal Wyoming
El Ecsmo. Sr. presidente de los Estados unidos Mexicanos se ha servido dirigirme el decreto que sigue. El presidente de los Estados unidos mexicanos á los habitantes de la República, sabed: que el congreso general ha decretado lo siguiente. 1o. Se adopta el sistéma de compañias presidiales para la defensa de los Estados internos de Oriente, Occidente, y Territorio de Nuevo-México 1826 Pamphlet Mexico
El gobernador constitucional y comandante principal del departamento de Nuevo Mejico, a sus habitantes 1839 Rare Book New Mexico
Estado que manifiesta la fuerza que deben tener las seis compañias que se consideran necesarias para la guarnicion de los territorios de la Alta y Baja California: con espresion de los haberes y gratificaciones que deberán disfrutar 1828 Broadside Mexico; California
Evening concert, by the Tenth U.S. Cavalry Band. Monday October 6, 1879. Geo. A. Brenner, band leader. 06 Oct 1879 Broadside Arizona
Extract of a letter from General Jas. Wilkinson to the Honble Henry Dearborn Secty. of War 08 Sep 1806 Correspondence Mississippi
Extracts from the journal of the Commissioners of the United States Appointed to Hold a Treaty at Sandusky, for the purpose of making peace with the western Indians 1793 Correspondence; Journal Ohio; Pennsylvania
Famous frontiersmen, pioneers and scouts; the vanguards of American civilization 1883 Rare Book Wyoming; Ohio; Canada; Kentucky; Tennessee; Virginia; California; Washington; New York; Arizona; Colorado; Nebraska; Texas; Pennsylvania
The Gazette. v.1, no.27; Jan. 1, 1848 1848 Periodical Mexico
Gen. order no.1. Headquarters Dep’t. of Kan: in the field Fort Scott, Kansas, August 12, 1862. 12 Aug 1862 Broadside Kansas
General Austin's map of Texas with parts of the adjoining states 1840 Map Texas
[General orders and circulars, Department of the Platte, 1867-1882] 1867-1882 Rare Book Iowa; Nebraska; The Dakotas; Utah; Wyoming
General orders no. 8. Headquarters District of Nevada, Camp McGarry, Nevada, Dec. 31, 1866. 31 Dec 1866 Broadside Nevada
General orders, No. 19. War Department, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, March 30, 1849... 30 Mar 1849 Pamphlet Oregon
General orders, no. 22. Headqrs., Dist. of the Upper Arkansas, Fort Riley, Kansas, June 29th, 1865. 29 Jun 1865 Pamphlet Arkansas; Kansas
General Orders, no. 77. [of H. Clay Wood, Assistant Adjutant General] 1870 Pamphlet Texas; Louisiana
George Frederick Augustus Ruxton papers c.1839-1948 Correspondence; Broadside; Photograph Missouri; Mexico
Head quarters of the Army, West Point, N.Y., August 10, 1858. General orders, no. 19. 1858 Broadside Utah
Head Quarters, Department of the Columbia, Portland, Oregon, July 11th, 1868. General orders, no. 24... 11 Jul 1868 Broadside Oregon
Head quarters, Department of New Mexico, Santa Fe, N.M., July 31st, 1862. General orders, no.70. 31 Jul 1862 Broadside New Mexico
Head quarters, Department of New Mexico, Santa Fe, N.M., Sept. 18, 1862. General orders, no.83. 18 Sep 1862 Broadside New Mexico
Head quarters, Dept. of New Mexico, Fort Craig, N.M., March 13, 1862. General orders no. 18. 13 Mar 1862 Broadside New Mexico
Head quarters, Dept. of New Mexico, Santa Fe, N.M., Nov. 28, 1862. General orders no.99. 28 Nov 1862 Broadside New Mexico; Arkansas
Head quarters, East sub-dist. of the plains. Fort Kearney, N.T., June 5th, 1865. General orders, no. 12 1865 Broadside Nebraska
Head quarters. Parish of Iberville, September 8th, 1816 1816 Broadside Louisiana
Head-quarters District of the Border. Kansas City, Mo., October 2, 1863. General orders, no. 16... 02 Oct 1863 Pamphlet Missouri; Kansas
Head-quarters, Department of New Mexico. Synopsis of Indian scouts and their results, for the year 1864. General orders, Number 4 1865 Pamphlet New Mexico; Texas; Arizona
Head-quarters, Dept. of New Mexico, Santa, Fé, New Mexico, March 25, 1864. General orders no.8. 25 Mar 1864 Broadside New Mexico
Head-quarters, Dep’t of New Mexico, Santa Fé, New Mexico, March 7th, 1865. General orders, no. 6 1865 Broadside New Mexico; Arizona
Headquarters Department of Arizona, Office of the Chief Quartermaster, Whipple Barracks, Prescott, A.T., September 16, 1886. [To] The Assistant Adjutant General, Department of Arizona, Whipple Barracks A. T.... Report of the operations of the Quartermasters Department in the Department of Arizona, during the fiscal year ending June 30, 1886. 1886 Correspondence Arizona
Headquarters Department of Arizona, Prescott, August 2, 1870. General orders, no. 9. The following summary of successful operations against the Indians in this department... is published for general information... 02 Aug 1870 Pamphlet Arizona
Headquarters Department of Arizona, Whipple Barracks, Prescott, June 30, 1882 30 Jun 1882 Pamphlet Arizona
Headquarters Department of the Missouri, St. Louis, Mo., January 8th, 1865. General orders, no.7. 08 Jan 1865 Broadside Missouri
Headquarters Department of Texas, San Antonio, Texas, October 1, 1880. To Adjutant General, Military Division of Missouri, Chicago, Illinois 1880 Pamphlet Texas
Headquarters east sub-district of Nebraska. Office of Assistant Adjutant General. Fort Kearney, N.T., Nov. 13th, 1865. Circular no.3. 13 Nov 1865 Broadside Nebraska
Headquarters Mil. Div. of the Missouri, Chicago, Illinois, April 5, 1877. General orders, no. 3. 1877 Broadside Missouri; Nebraska
Headquarters Military Div. of the Missouri, Chicago, Illinois, November 1, 1869. Brevet Major General E.D. Townsend, Adjutant General U.S. Army, Washington, D.C.... 1869 Pamphlet Missouri; Kansas; Colorado; Montana
Headquarters, Department of Dakota, Saint Paul, Minn., May 19, 1867. General orders, no. 27. 1867 Rare Book Minnesota; The Dakotas; Iowa; Montana
Headquarters, Department of New Mexico, Fort Union, N.M., July 23, 1863. General orders no.19. 23 Jul 1863 Broadside New Mexico
Headquarters, Dept. of New Mexico. Santa Fe, N.M., June 15th 1863. General orders no.15. 15 Jun 1863 Broadside New Mexico; Arizona
Headquarters, East sub-dist. of the plains. Fort Kearny, N.T., May 24th, 1865. General orders, no.10 1865 Broadside Nebraska
Historia breve de la conquista de los estados independientes del Imperio Mejicano 1839 Rare Book Mexico; Texas
History of the First Regiment of Colorado Volunteers 1863 Rare Book Colorado; New Mexico
History of Oklahoma and Indian Territory and homeseekekers' [sic] guide 1906 Rare Book Oklahoma; Texas
A history of Stockton from its organization up to the present time, including a sketch of San Joaquin County; comprising a history of the government, politics, state of society, religion, Fire department, commerce, secret societies, art, science, manufactures, agriculture... within the past thirty years 1880 Rare Book California
How we built the Union Pacific Railway and other railway papers and addresses c.1910 Rare Book
The hunting grounds of the great west. A description of the plains, game, and Indians of the great North American desert... 1877 Rare Book Oklahoma; The Dakotas; Nebraska
In Senate of the United States, March 18, 1824 Mr. Benton, from the Committee on Indian affairs, communicated the following documents... 1824 Pamphlet; Correspondence Washington; Missouri; Mississippi; Wyoming
Incidents and experience in Iowa from 1840 to 1844 1840-1844 Journal Iowa
The Indian Council in the valley of the Walla-Walla. 1855 1855 Pamphlet Washington
Indian territory: compiled under the direction of the Hon. John H. Oberly, Commissioner of Indian Affairs, by C.A. Maxwell 1889 Map Kansas; Texas; Arkansas; Missouri
[Journal of an anonymous scout operating out of Fort Kearney, Nebraska Territory] 16 Jun 1865 - 02 Jul 1865 Journal Nebraska
Journal of expedition against hostile Indians in southern Nebraska, commanded by Lieut. Col. R.H. Brown, 12th Mo. Cav. Vols. January and February 1866 Journal Nebraska
A journal of Sibley's Indian expedition, during the summer of 1863, and record of the troops employed 1864 Journal Minnesota
A journal of the twelve months campaign of Gen. Shields' Brigade, in Mexico, in the years 1846-7. Compiled from notes of Lieutenants J. J. Adams & H. C. Dunbar 1847 Pamphlet; Journal Mexico
Judges and criminals: shadows of the past. History of the vigilance committee of San Francisco, Cal. with the names of its officers 1858 Rare Book California
Left by the Indians: story of my life c.1892 Pamphlet Oregon; Washington; Wisconsin
Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting, in compliance with a Senate resolution of February 23, 1875, a report of the expedition to the Black Hills, under command of Bvt. Maj. Gen. George A. Custer 1875 Broadside The Dakotas; Wyoming; Montana
[Letter initialled, addressed to Thomas H. Cushing] 1806 Correspondence Mississippi
Letter: Garrison Bellevue [i.e. Fort Madison, Iowa], to William Clark 12 Apr 1809 Correspondence Iowa
Life among the Piutes: their wrongs and claims 1883 Rare Book Nevada; Utah; California
Life and adventures of Calamity Jane 1896 Pamphlet Montana; Utah; Wyoming; Arizona; The Dakotas
The life of Henry Dodge, from 1782 to 1833: with portrait by George Catlin and maps of the battles of the Pecatonica and Wisconsin Heights in the Black Hawk War 1890 Pamphlet Wisconsin; Illinois; Missouri
Life of Ma-Ka-Tai-Me-She-Kia-Kiak or Black Hawk… 1834 Rare Book Illinois; Wisconsin
Long Lance 1929 Rare Book Montana; Canada
The Lyon campaign in Missouri: being a history of the First Iowa infantry and of the causes which led up to its organization, and how it earned the thanks of Congress, which it got: together with a birdseye view of the conditions in Iowa preceding the great Civil War of 1861 1907 Rare Book; Journal Missouri; Iowa
Maj.-General John C. Fremont Photograph; Object
Major General Scott, of the United States Army, sends to the Cherokee people, remaining in North Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama, this address 1838 Broadside North Carolina; Georgia; Tennessee; Alabama
Map of the military district, Kansas and the territories 1866 Map Kansas
Map of the military district, Kansas and the territories 1866 Map Kansas; The West
Map of the northern part of Missouri Territory 1817 Map Missouri; Illinois
Map of a reconnaissance of the Black Hills 1874 Map The Dakotas; Wyoming; Montana
Map of the route pursued in 1849 by the U.S. troops... in an expedition against the Navajos Indians 1849 Map New Mexico
Map of the Territory & Department of Arizona commanded by Brig. Gen. George Crook 1885 Map Arizona
Map of the territory of the United States from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean 1867 Map Arizona; New Mexico; Texas; California; Oklahoma; Louisiana; Mississippi; Washington; Oregon; Idaho; Montana; Wyoming; The Dakotas; Minnesota; Nebraska; Iowa; Wisconsin; Illinois; Missouri; Kansas; Arkansas; Colorado; Utah; Nevada
Map of Texas and part of New Mexico 1857 Map Texas; New Mexico
Map showing the route of the Hancock and Sherman Indian Campaigns, 1867 1895 Map Nebraska; Wyoming; Minnesota; Wisconsin; Illinois; Missouri; Kansas; The Dakotas
Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Mejico 1847 Map Mexico; The West
Martin J. Feenan papers 1863-1920 Journal; Photograph; Broadside; Ephemera Nebraska; The Dakotas
Mexican treacheries and cruelties. Incidents and sufferings in the Mexican war... 1848 Pamphlet Mexico
Military map of parts of Kansas, Nebraska and Dakota 1859 Map Kansas; Nebraska; The Dakotas
Militia general orders. Head quarters, New-Orleans, August, 6, 1814… 1814 Broadside; Pamphlet Louisiana
Militia general orders. Head quarters, New-Orleans, September 5, 1814 1814 Broadside; Pamphlet Louisiana
Mitchell’s cavalier. v.1, no.1; Jul. 25, 1863 1863 Periodical Tennessee
The [Mountain] herald. Suppl. Sept. 17, 1853 1853 Periodical California
[Mounted photograph inscribed:] Genl. G.K. Warren c.1860 Photograph
[Mounted photograph with caption] (Ta-Ton-Ka-I-Yo-Ton-Ka,) "Sitting Bull" c.1882 Photograph
Musical evening entertainment. Given by the Fourtg U.S. Infantry String Band. At the post hall, Fort Bridger Wy, [sic] Ter. December 31 1875 31 Dec 1875 Ephemera; Pamphlet Wyoming
My life on the plains, or, Personal experiences with the Indians 1874 Rare Book Missouri; Kansas; Arkansas; Oklahoma
The Negro trail blazers of California… 1919 Rare Book California
Official report of the Owyhee reconnoissance, made by Lieut. Colonel C.S. Drew, 1st Oregon Cavalry, in the summer of 1864, pursuant to the orders of Brigadier George Wright, commanding Dept. of the Pacific 1865 Pamphlet Oregon
Oklahoma! Politically and topographically described. History and guide to the Indian Territory. Biographical sketches of Capt. David L. Payne, W. L. Couch, WM. H. Osborn, and others 1885 Rare Book Oklahoma
On the plains in '65… 1883 Rare Book Nebraska; Colorado; The Dakotas; Wyoming; Montana
Orders. No.25. Head quarters, Eastern Division. Cherokee Agency, Ten. May 18, 1838. 1838 Broadside North Carolina; Georgia; Tennessee; Alabama
Ordres generaux de milice. Quartier-generaux, à la Nouvelle-Orléans, 6 avril 1814 1814 Broadside; Pamphlet Louisiana
Our Wild Indians: Thirty-three years' personal experience among the Red Men of the great west... 1882 Rare Book Texas; Nebraska; Colorado; Kansas
Outline descriptions of military posts in the military division of the Pacific / Irvin McDowell, commanding 1879 Rare Book Arizona; California; Idaho; Nevada; Oregon; Washington
Outline descriptions of the posts in the Military Division of the Missouri, commanded by Lieutenant General P. H. Sheridan: accompanied by tabular lists of Indian superintendencies, agencies and reservations, and a summary of certain Indian treaties 1876 Rare Book Missouri; The Dakotas; Minnesota; Nebraska; Wyoming; Utah; Kansas; New Mexico
Outlines of history of the Territory of Dakota, and emigrant’s guide to the free lands of the Northwest. Accompanied with a new sectional map 1870 Pamphlet The Dakotas
An overland journey, from New York to San Francisco, in the summer of 1859 1860 Rare Book; Journal Kansas; Utah; California
Papers of George M. Templeton; daily pocket remembrancer for 1862 1862 Diary
Papers of George M. Templeton; diary for 1866 1866 Diary Kansas; Nebraska; The Dakotas; Montana
Papers of George M. Templeton; diary for 1867 1867 Diary Montana
Papers of George M. Templeton; diary for 1868 1868 Diary Montana
Papers of George M. Templeton; index to transcript diary Diary
Papers of George M. Templeton; miscellaneous Correspondence; Photograph; Ephemera Montana
Papers of George M. Templeton; pocket diary for 1863 1863 Diary Pennsylvania
Papers of George M. Templeton; pocket diary for 1864 1864 Diary
Papers of George M. Templeton; pocket diary for 1865 1865 Diary
Papers of George M. Templeton; transcript of diaries from 1866-1868 1866-1868 Diary Montana
The papers of Richard Irving Dodge: ninety-four photographs of Dodge, Mrs Dodge, members of their family and friends and seventy-nine autograph letters, documents, manuscripts, etc. 1879-1905 Correspondence; Ephemera; Photograph
The Papers of Richard Irving Dodge; Autograph Manuscript Diary, 1878-1880 1878-1880 Diary
The Papers of Richard Irving Dodge; Autograph Manuscript Diary, Four Volumes, October 31st 1876 to January 8th 1877 1876-1877 Diary
The Papers of Richard Irving Dodge; Autograph Manuscript Diary, May 6th to October 19th, 1875 1875 Diary The Dakotas
The Papers of Richard Irving Dodge; Autograph Manuscript Diary, Two Volumes, June 23rd to September 28, 1883 1883 Diary
Papers relating to expedition against hostile Indians in southern Nebraska 1865-1883 Correspondence; Ephemera Nebraska
Pawnee Bill (Major Gordon W. Lillie): his experiences and adventures on the western plains; or, from the saddle of a "cowboy and ranger" to the chair of "Bank President" 1902 Rare Book Oklahoma
Personal experiences among our North American Indians from 1867 to 1885 1913 Journal; Diary; Ephemera New Mexico; California; Canada; Kansas
The personal narrative of James O. Pattie, of Kentucky… 1831 Rare Book; Journal Missouri; California; Colorado; Wyoming; New Mexico; Mexico
The petition of B.F. Dowell and others, asking for pay for two companies of Oregon volunteers, and their expenses, called into service in 1854 1869 Pamphlet Oregon
[Photograph of Brig.-Gen. George Crook] 1876 Photograph
Poetry for the times 1865 Broadside The Dakotas
Pony tracks 1895 Rare Book The Dakotas; Mexico
A portion of South Eastr'n Arizona from topographical Reconnaissance. First Lieut. E. J. Spencer, Corps of Engineers, assisted by E. D. Williams Oskar Huber, Top Assistants during a portion of February, March & April 1886. Scale 8 miles to one inch Feb - Apr 1886 Map Arizona
The Powder River Indian Expedition, 1865: a paper read before the Nebraska Commandery of the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, February 2, 1887 1887 Pamphlet Nebraska; Wyoming; Montana; Ohio
Proclamacion del Gobernador… 1861 Broadside New Mexico
Proclamation by the Governor… 1861 Broadside New Mexico
Proclamation! To the people of Dakota Territory 1867 Broadside The Dakotas
[Proclamation] 1815 Poster Louisiana
Programme of evening serenade, at Fort Sanders, W.T. Saturday, August 30th, 1873. From 8.30 to 9.30 P.M. Second U.S. Cavalry Band. 30 Aug 1873 Poster Wyoming
Prose and poetry of the live stock industry of the United States. With outlines of the origin and ancient history of our live stock animals… 1905 Rare Book Mexico; New Mexico; Virginia; New York; Pennsylvania; Georgia; Canada; Tennessee; Texas; Oregon; Wyoming; Idaho; Nebraska; Montana; The Dakotas; Colorado; Nevada; Arizona; Oklahoma; Kansas; Ohio
The public record of General Farnsworth 1868 Broadside Illinois
Rand, McNally & Co.’s new map and guide to the Black Hills of Dakota 1875 Pamphlet; Map The Dakotas; Nebraska; Minnesota; Iowa; Kansas; Colorado; Wyoming; Montana
Reid’s tramp, or, A journal of the incidents of ten months travel through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Sonora, and California. Including topography, climate, soil, minerals, metals and inhabitants; with a notice of the great inter-oceanic rail road 1858 Journal; Rare Book Texas; New Mexico; Arizona; California
Reminiscences of Parmenas Taylor Turnley: from the cradle to three-score and ten, by himself, from diaries kept from early boyhood: with a brief glance backward three hundred and fifty years at progenitors and ancestral lineage 1892 Rare Book Mexico; Tennessee; Utah; New York; Washington; Texas; Kansas; The Dakotas; Iowa
[Reminiscences] c.1890 Journal New Mexico
[Report of Brigadier Geneneral George Crook of the operations of troops under his command against the Apache Indians] 1886 Pamphlet; Correspondence Arizona; Mexico
Report of an expedition up the Yellow Stone River, made in 1875 1875 Pamphlet The Dakotas
[Report of explorations in and about the Big Horn Mountains, and the valleys of the Big Horn, Grey Bull and Stinking Water, and Clark’s Fork, lying west of and between the Big Horn and the main chain of the Rocky Mountains, and thence crossing the main chain to the National Park] 1881 Pamphlet Missouri; Wyoming
Report of Lieut. General P.H. Sheridan, dated September 20, 1881, of his expedition through the Big Horn Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, etc.: together with reports of Lieut. Col. J. F. Gregory,... Surgeon W. H. Forwood, and Capt. S. C. Kellogg... 1882 Pamphlet; Journal Wyoming
Report of the Secretary of War, communicating, in compliance with a resolution of the Senate of February 4, 1867, a copy of the evidence taken at Denver and Fort Lyon, Colorado Territory, by a military commission, ordered to inquire into the Sand Creek massacre, November, 1864. 1867 Rare Book Colorado
Report under the resolution of the House of Representatives, dated June 25, 1879, relative to certain information connected with his [i.e. Brigadier General Ord’s] department, and the security and protection of the Texas frontier 1879 Pamphlet Texas; Mexico
Resume of operations against Apache Indians, 1882 to 1886 1886 Pamphlet; Correspondence Arizona; Mexico
Richard Irving Dodge papers: transcripts of the diaries 1875-1949 Diary
The rough riders 1899 Rare Book Texas; Florida; New York
The Saint Paul press 1864-1865 Periodical The Dakotas; Idaho
San Carlos Agency, Arizona, February 10, 1883. Medical Director, Department of Arizona, Whipple Barracks, Prescott, A.T. 10 Feb 1883 Pamphlet Arizona
Schoolcraft and Allen--expedition to northwest Indians: letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting a map and report of Lieut. Allen and H.B. [i.e. R.] Schoolcraft’s visit to the northwest Indians in 1832 1832 Pamphlet Canada; Minnesota
Sheet no. 2, western territories 1876 Map The West; Texas
Sketch exhibiting the routes between Fort Laramie and the Great Salt Lake 1858 Map; Broadside Wyoming; Utah; The West
Sketch of the life of "Dick" Parr in the far West. Great rough rider on the western plains. General Phil. Sheridan’s private chief of scouts, Indian interpreter and guide during that gallant commander’s Indian campaign, 1868-9 c.1901 Rare Book Kansas; Wyoming; The West
Sketch of road from Corinne on the U. P. R. R., Utah Ty. to Fort Shaw, Montana: from sketches and field notes of 1st Lt. J. M. Sanno and Major W. H. Lewis of the 7th US Infty... c.1870 Map Utah; Montana
The status of Young Joseph and his band of Nez-Perce Indians under the treaties between the United States and the Nez-Perce tribe of Indians: and the Indian title to land 1876 Rare Book Oregon
The surrender of Sitting Bull… 1891 Rare Book The Dakotas
Surveys of roads between Fort Gibson and Fort Arbuckle, I. T. made August 1867, by Geo. T. Robinson Capt. 10th. U. S. Cavalry 1867 Map Oklahoma
Table of Distances, published for the information of the troops, serving in the district of New Mexico, with remarks and information necessary for camping parties 1878 Pamphlet New Mexico; Texas; Colorado
Thirty years on the frontier 1906 Rare Book Colorado; The Dakotas; Oklahoma; California; Texas
This pamphlet is true!! It is a history of the manner in which Nebraska became a state, elected its state officers and first U.S. senators, and entered the American Union. It is authenticated by twenty-one members of the First State Legislature, who signed it at the session of 1866, July. It was not written by C. H. Gere. And it is entirely dissimilar from his narrative of the events herein recorded. 1886 Pamphlet Nebraska
To the inhabitants occupying the frontier of the Indian Country 1849 Broadside Florida
To the Oregon Indian war claimants 1874 Broadside Oregon
To the public. It is hereby announced that no interregnum will take place...Given at Santa Fe, this 21st day of April, 1852 1852 Poster New Mexico
Topographical map of the road from Missouri to Oregon, commencing at the mouth of the Kansas in the Missouri River and ending at the mouth of the Wallah Wallah in the Columbia: in VII sections c.1846 Map Missouri; Oregon; The West
Tracks and trails, or, incidents in the life of a Minnesota territorial pioneer 1931 Pamphlet Minnesota; Illinois; Mississippi
Travels and experiences in America with army, and Indian reminiscences c.1890 Journal; Diary Oklahoma; Kansas; Missouri; Canada
Truth teller: devoted to the dissemination of truth, and the suppression of humbug 1858 Periodical Washington
[Two maps from 'Report of the Secretary of War: communicating in compliance with a resolution of the Senate, the report of Lieutenant Colonel Graham on the subject of the boundary line between the United States and Mexico'] c.1852 Map Mexico; New Mexico; The West
The Ute War: a history of the White River Massacre and the privations and hardships of the captive white women among the hostiles on Grand River 1879 Rare Book Colorado
Wagon road from Fort Defiance to the Colorado River. Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting the report of the superintendent of the wagon road from Fort Defiance to the Colorado River 1858 Pamphlet; Journal Texas; Arizona; New Mexico; California
Whipple Barracks, Prescott, A.T. December 2, 1879. To the Assistant Adjutant General, Department of Arizona, Whipple Barracks, Prescott. 02 Dec 1879 Pamphlet Arizona