Agricultural Development, Landscape and the Environment

This theme encompasses a wide range of documents within the Graff Collection; a reflection of the the multi-faceted affect the physical environment has had on the development of the West.

Studies such as The Black Hills. A minute description of the routes, scenery, soil, climate, timber, gold, geology, zoölogy, etc... (Graff 1111) or Wyoming its history, soil, climate, resources, etc. (Graff 2203), consider the discovered environment in terms of its natural resources as well as its aesthetic appeal. Other documents make explicit the potential in these lands for development, such as the teasing title Glimpses of Texas: its divisions, resources, development and prospects (Graff 387), a book designed to draw readers from the east and encourage migration.

Afoot and Alone; a walk from sea to sea by the southern route. Adventures and observations in Southern California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, etc. ... 1871 Rare Book; Journal North Carolina; South Carolina; Georgia; Alabama; Mississippi; Louisiana; Texas; New Mexico; Arizona; California
ALS to Pedro Piernas, St. Louis 14 Nov 1771 Correspondence Louisiana
The American bisons, living and extinct 1876 Rare Book Mexico; Canada; Ohio; Kansas; Nebraska
An appeal 1890 Broadside The Dakotas
Appletons’ railroad and steamboat companion: being a travellers’ guide through the United States of America, Canada, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia: with maps of the country through which routes pass, in the northern, middle, and eastern states 1848 Rare Book Canada; New York; Pennsylvania; Virginia; Ohio; Washington; Michigan; Illinois; Louisiana
Audubon and his journals Vol I 1897 Ephemera; Photograph; Correspondence; Rare Book; Journal Canada
Audubon and his journals, Vol. II 1897 Ephemera; Photograph; Correspondence; Rare Book; Journal Kentucky; Florida; Canada
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to Messrs. Bowen, Hunt and Winslow] 1872 Correspondence Nebraska
[Autograph letter, addressed to James McKnight] 27 May 1811 Correspondence
B.C., 1887. A ramble in British Columbia, by J.A. Lees and W.J. Clutterbuck... with map and 75 illustrations from sketches and photographs by the authors. 1888 Rare Book Canada
Beyond the West… 1870 Rare Book Wyoming; New Mexico; Arizona; Idaho; Oregon; Utah; Nevada; California; Montana; Nebraska; Colorado; Oklahoma
The Black Hills. A minute description of the routes, scenery, soil, climate, timber, gold, geology, zoölogy, etc. With an accurate map, four sectional drawings, and ten plates from photographs, taken on the spot. 1876 Rare Book Wyoming; Nebraska; The Dakotas
The boundaries of the Louisiana Purchase; a historical study 1901 Rare Book Louisiana; Texas; Florida
Brand book published by the Wyoming Stock Growers' Association 1887 Brand Book Wyoming
California as it is and as it may be; or, A guide to the gold region 1849 Rare Book California
Carte de la Louisiane et du cours du Mississippi 1718 Map Louisiana
Carte de la Province Ecclesiastique de L'Oregan c.1847 Map Oregon
The cattle-fields of the far west: their present and future 1884 Pamphlet California; Texas; New Mexico; Colorado; Kansas; Wyoming; Nebraska; The Dakotas; Montana
Chicago Post, Extra 09 Oct 1871 Periodical Illinois
Choice farming lands in Iowa and Nebraska: 1,880,000 acres for sale by the Rail Road Land Companies of Iowa and Nebraska, in tracts to suit purchasers, at low prices, on credit or for cash 1871 Pamphlet Iowa; Nebraska
Colorado County, Texas: its health, climate, soil, advantages and resources 1877 Pamphlet Texas
Colorado: its resources, parks, and prospects as a new field for emigration; with an account of the Trenchara and Costilla estates, in the San Luis park 1869 Rare Book Colorado
Commerce of the prairies, or, the journal of a Santa Fe trader: during eight expeditions across the great western prairies, and a residence of nearly nine years in northern Mexico, volume I 1844 Rare Book Mexico; New Mexico
The cowboy: his characteristics, his equipment, and his part in the development of the West 1922 Rare Book Texas; California; Mexico
Dakota Territorial Agricultural Society. Secretary’s Office. Yankton. 17 Aug 1877 Broadside The Dakotas
The emigrant's guide to the United States of America... 1818 Rare Book Canada; New York; Virginia; Ohio; Pennsylvania; North Carolina; South Carolina; Kentucky; Tennessee; Georgia; Indiana; Louisiana; Mississippi; Alabama; Illinois; Michigan; Missouri
The emigrants’ guide to California, containing every point of information for the emigrant, including routes, distances, water, grass: with a large map of routes, and profile of country, &c. with full directions for testing and assaying gold and other ores 1849 Pamphlet California; New Mexico; Kansas
The extermination of the American bison, with a sketch of its discovery and life history 1889 Rare Book Kansas; Texas; Nebraska; The Dakotas
Four years in British Columbia and Vancouver Island: an account of their forests, rivers, coasts, gold fields and resources for colonisation 1862 Rare Book Canada
From Cattle Range to cotton patch; a series of historical sketches 1905 Rare Book Texas
The garden of the world, or the great west 1856 Rare Book Ohio; Indiana; Illinois; Michigan; Wisconsin; Iowa; Missouri; Kansas; Nebraska; Minnesota; Texas; New Mexico; Utah; Oregon; Washington; California
General Map of a Survey in California in connection with examinations for Railroad Routes to the Pacific Ocean made by order of the War Department 1854 Map California
Gilpin's hydrographic map of North America, compiled from astronomical data of all existing authorities c.1848 Map
Glimpses of Texas: its divisions, resources, development and prospects 1871 Rare Book Texas
Guide to the Union Pacific railroad lands. 12,000,000 acres best farming and mineral lands in America, for sale by the Union Pacific railroad company, in tracts to suit purchasers and at low prices... 1870 Pamphlet; Map Nebraska; Colorado; Wyoming; Utah; Montana
Guide to the Union Pacific Railroad Lands. 12,000,000 acres best farming, grazing and mineral lands in America, in the State of Nebraska and territories in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah, for sale by the Union Pacific Railroad Company, in tracts to suit purchasers and at low prices 1872 Pamphlet Nebraska; Colorado; Wyoming; Utah
Hand-book and travelers' guide of New Mexico […] for tourists, miners, capitalists and emigrants 1881 Rare Book New Mexico; Colorado
Headquarters District of New Mexico, Fort Wingate, N.M., August 22, 1889 1889 Pamphlet New Mexico; Texas; Arizona
Helena directory: a complete, reliable business and residence directory, 1883-84: together with a brief history of Montana, city of Helena: also a list of federal, territorial, county and city officers, ward boundaries, fire alarm boxes and signals, altitudes, etc. etc. 1884 Directory Montana
Histoire de la Louisiane; volume I 1758 Rare Book Louisiana; New Mexico
Histoire de la Louisiane; volume II 1758 Rare Book Louisiana
Histoire de la Louisiane; volume III 1758 Rare Book Louisiana
History of Cheyenne and northern Wyoming: embracing the gold fields of the Black Hills, Powder River and Big Horn countries... 1876 Pamphlet Wyoming
History of the expedition under the command of Captains Lewis and Clark, to the sources of the Missouri: volume I 1814 Rare Book Nebraska; Colorado; Wyoming; Idaho
History of the expedition under the command of Captains Lewis and Clark, to the sources of the Missouri: volume II 1814 Rare Book Oregon; Washington; Missouri; Wyoming
History of Kansas and emigrant's guide 1855 Rare Book Kansas
History of Kansas and Nebraska: describing soil, climate, rivers, prairies, mounds, forests, minerals, roads, cities, villages, inhabitants, and other subjects relating to that region; with a correct map 1857 Pamphlet Kansas; Nebraska
A history of Stockton from its organization up to the present time, including a sketch of San Joaquin County; comprising a history of the government, politics, state of society, religion, Fire department, commerce, secret societies, art, science, manufactures, agriculture... within the past thirty years 1880 Rare Book California
Horn’s overland guide 1852 Pamphlet; Map California; Iowa; Oregon
How to get rich on the plains 1881 Rare Book Nebraska; Wyoming; Colorado
The hunting grounds of the great west. A description of the plains, game, and Indians of the great North American desert... 1877 Rare Book Oklahoma; The Dakotas; Nebraska
The Iowa Handbook 1857 Rare Book Iowa
Iowa, the "great hunting ground" of the Indian, and the "beautiful land" of the white man: information for immigrants 1860 Pamphlet Iowa
Irrigation institutions; a discussion of the economic and legal questions created by the growth of irrigated agriculture in the West 1903 Rare Book California; Colorado; Utah; Wyoming
John Colter, discoverer of Yellowstone park; an account of his exploration in 1807 and of his further adventures as hunter; trapper; Indian fighter; pathfinder and member of the Lewis and Clark expedition 1926 Rare Book Wyoming; Montana; Idaho
Junction of the Gila and Colorado Rivers 1848 Illustration New Mexico
L.A. Huffman photographs 1833-1907 Photograph Montana
[Land register certificates for land purchased in Missouri, issued to Andrew Rodgers, 1824-30, signed by Presidents Monroe and Jackson] 1824-1830 Ephemera Missouri
Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting, in compliance with a Senate resolution of February 23, 1875, a report of the expedition to the Black Hills, under command of Bvt. Maj. Gen. George A. Custer 1875 Broadside The Dakotas; Wyoming; Montana
Letter: [Iowa City, Iowa?], to "Dear Sir" c.1905 Correspondence; Photograph
Letter: Pewee Valley, Ky, to Gov. Geary [of Kansas] 08 Jan 1857 Correspondence Kentucky; Kansas
Letters: to General James Wilkinson, 1805-1807 1805-1807 Correspondence Louisiana
Look here! Horses wanted! For winter herding! J. P. McKissick and W. H. Moore will take horses for winter herding, from any point on Wood River... c.1880 Broadside Idaho
Mammoth tree from California 1856 Broadside California
Map of the bounty lands in Illinois Territory 1818 Map; Broadside Illinois
Map of Codington, Grant, Deuel and Hamlin counties c.1881 Map The Dakotas
Map of Dakota 1883 Map The Dakotas
Map of Dakota 01 Mar 1876 Map The Dakotas
Map of the military district, Kansas and the territories 1866 Map Kansas
[Map of Minnesota from 'Colton’s general atlas'] 1857 Map Minnesota; The Dakotas
Map of the northern part of Missouri Territory 1817 Map Missouri; Illinois
Map of Oregon and upper California from the surveys of John Charles Frémont and other authorities 1848 Map Oregon; California
Map of Oregon: prepared by C. G. Chapman, Oregon state immigration agent for the Oregon State Immigration Commission 1914 Map Oregon
Map of southern Idaho and the adjacent regions 1880 Map Idaho; Oregon; Washington; Wyoming
Map of the states of California and Nevada 1869 Map California; Nevada
Map of the states of California and Nevada 1869 Map California; Nevada
Map of the territory of Montana with portions of the adjoining territories compiled and drawn by W. W. De Lacy of the Surveyor General's Office, Helena, M.T. 1870 1870 Map Montana; Wyoming; The Dakotas; Pacific Northwest
Map of the United States 1839 Map USA
Map of Utah Territory representing the extent of the irrigable, timber, and pasture lands 1878 Map Utah
Map of the Yellowstone and Missouri Rivers and their tributaries 1867 Map Montana; Wyoming; Missouri
Map showing land grant of the Northern Pacific Railroad Co. in eastern Washington and northern Idaho: corrected up to July 1, 1891 1891 Map Washington; Idaho; Oregon
Mapa de los Estados Unidos de Mejico 1847 Map Mexico; The West
Memoir of the country about the heads of the Missouri and Yellowstone rivers, with a plan for connecting it by a military road 1864 Pamphlet Missouri
Memorial in regard to the reserved mineral lands, drawn by the Hon. D.S. Wilson, of Dubuque County 1845 Broadside Iowa
Merrick County 1870 Broadside
Message of Governor Campbell to the third legislative assembly 1873 Pamphlet Wyoming
The Minnesota Handbook, for 1856-7 1857 Rare Book Minnesota
Montana and Yellowstone national park. Facts and experiences on the farming, stock raising, mining, lumbering, and other industries of Montana 1881 Rare Book Montana; Wyoming
Montana as it is; being a general description of its resources, both mineral and agricultural, including a complete description of the face of the country... 1865 Rare Book Montana
Montana: a concise description of the climate, soil, grazing lands, agricultural and mineral productions of the country adjacent and tributary to the Northern Pacific Railroad: published for the use of person seeking information concerning this great new land 1882 Pamphlet Montana
National map of the territory of the United States from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean 1867 Map USA
New county and township map of Oregon and Washington 1882 Map Oregon; Washington
A new map of the Great West 1856 Map The West
A new map of Illinois and part of the Wisconsin Territory 1835 Map Illinois; Wisconsin
A new map of the north parts of America claimed by France under [the] names of Louisiana, Mississipi, Canada and New France, with [the] adjoyning territories of England and Spain 1720 Map Louisiana; Canada; USA
New map of the territory of Arizona, southern California and parts of Nevada, Utah and Sonora: compiled from the latest authentic data by J.G. Mallery, A.M., U. S. Engineers Corps, and J.W. Ward, civil and topographical engineer 1877 Map Arizona; California; Nevada; Utah; Mexico
Newhall's outline map of Iowa, exhibiting all the new counties, chief towns, roads, &C. 1848 Map Iowa
The Noble plow 1866 Broadside Illinois
Northern Iowa. By a pioneer. Containing valuable information for emigrants. 1858 Pamphlet Iowa
Northern Wiskonsan: a description of the northern part of this territory 1843 Pamphlet Wisconsin
Notes concerning the Kellogg's 1927 Rare Book Michigan; Iowa; Nebraska; Colorado; Wyoming; Nevada; California
Notice. Whereas we are the owners...of about 800 lots, in the town of Keokuk, and about 50,000 acres of land in the Half Breed Sac and Fox Reservation, in Lee County, Iowa Territory...We hereby give notice to all persons who have "squatted" upon said lots and land...that we will claim rents from the date of said partition... 1846 Broadside Iowa
Nuova California: (Statti Uniti dell'America Settentrionale) 1851 Map California
Official Brand book of the state of Wyoming and a compilation of laws affecting live stock 1916 Brand Book Wyoming
Official map of the territory of Arizona compiled from surveys, reconnaisances and other sources 1880 Map Arizona
Official map of the Territory of Arizona: with all the recent explorations c.1864 Map Arizona
Oklahoma! Politically and topographically described. History and guide to the Indian Territory. Biographical sketches of Capt. David L. Payne, W. L. Couch, WM. H. Osborn, and others 1885 Rare Book Oklahoma
Ontario. Its history, description, and resources ... Valuable information for those seeking homes in southern California 1884 Pamphlet California
Ornamental map of the United States and Mexico 1847 Map Oregon; California; Oklahoma; Texas; Missouri; New Mexico; Minnesota; Wisconsin; Iowa; Illinois; Indiana; Ohio; Michigan; Arkansas; Louisiana; Mississippi; Alabama; Tennessee; Kentucky; Georgia; Florida; North Carolina; South Carolina; Virginia; West Virginia; Pennsylvania; New Hampshire; New York; Mexico
Our new West: records of travel between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean… 1869 Rare Book Colorado; Wyoming; Utah; Idaho; Montana; Nevada; California; Oregon; Washington; Arkansas; Canada
Our western empire, or, The new West beyond the Mississippi: the latest and most comprehensive work on the states and territories west of the Mississippi 1882 Rare Book Canada; Alaska; Wyoming; Washington; New Mexico; Nebraska; Missouri; Montana; Minnesota; Nevada; Louisiana; Arizona; Kansas; Colorado; Utah; The Dakotas; Idaho; Pacific Northwest
Out West, vol. I, no. 2 Aug 1873 Periodical Colorado; Mexico
Out West, vol. I, no. 3 Sep 1873 Periodical Colorado; Mexico
Out West, vol. I, no. 4 Oct 1873 Periodical Colorado; Mexico
Out West, vol. I, no. 5 Nov 1873 Periodical Colorado; Mexico
Out West, vol. I, no. 6-7 Dec 1873-Jan 1874 Periodical Colorado; Mexico
Out West, vol. I, no. I Jul 1873 Periodical Colorado; Mexico
Outline descriptions of military posts in the military division of the Pacific / Irvin McDowell, commanding 1879 Rare Book Arizona; California; Idaho; Nevada; Oregon; Washington
An overland journey, from New York to San Francisco, in the summer of 1859 1860 Rare Book; Journal Kansas; Utah; California
Pencil sketches of Montana 1868 Rare Book Montana
[Photographic views of the region around Pike’s Peak, Colorado] c.1888 Photograph Colorado
A portion of South Eastr'n Arizona from topographical Reconnaissance. First Lieut. E. J. Spencer, Corps of Engineers, assisted by E. D. Williams Oskar Huber, Top Assistants during a portion of February, March & April 1886. Scale 8 miles to one inch Feb - Apr 1886 Map Arizona
Prairie farming in America: with notes by the way on Canada and the United States 1859 Rare Book Ohio; Minnesota; Kentucky; Michigan; Canada; Old Northwest
The prairies of the western states: their advantages and their drawbacks 1860 Rare Book Illinois; Wisconsin; Missouri; Iowa; Canada
Prize essay. Vancouver island: its resources and capabilities, as a colony 1862 Pamphlet Canada
Promissory note: Dist. Saint Charles [Illinois], to P.K. Robbins 20 Jan 1812 Ephemera Louisiana
Ranch notes in Kansas, Colorado, The Indian Territory and Northern Texas 1884 Rare Book Kansas; Colorado; Texas
Rand McNally & Co's guide map of Nebraska 1876 Map Minnesota; Wyoming; Colorado; The Dakotas; Kansas; Nebraska
Rand, McNally & Co.'s Idaho 1888 Map Idaho
Rand, McNally & Co.'s Nevada 1887 Map Nevada
Rand, McNally & Co.'s Oklahoma and Indian Territories 1898 Map Oklahoma
Rand, McNally & Co.’s new map and guide to the Black Hills of Dakota 1875 Pamphlet; Map The Dakotas; Nebraska; Minnesota; Iowa; Kansas; Colorado; Wyoming; Montana
"The range and ranch cattle area of USA" 1884 Map The West
Recollections of David Smith c.1915 Pamphlet; Diary Illinois
Reconnaissance of the Zuñi, Little Colorado, and Colorado Rivers 1852 Map Colorado
Reid’s tramp, or, A journal of the incidents of ten months travel through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Sonora, and California. Including topography, climate, soil, minerals, metals and inhabitants; with a notice of the great inter-oceanic rail road 1858 Journal; Rare Book Texas; New Mexico; Arizona; California
Report of the Secretary of the Interior: communicating reports upon the Pacific wagon roads constructed under the direction of that department 1859 Map Nebraska
Report under the resolution of the House of Representatives, dated June 25, 1879, relative to certain information connected with his [i.e. Brigadier General Ord’s] department, and the security and protection of the Texas frontier 1879 Pamphlet Texas; Mexico
Report upon the Colorado River of the West 1861 Rare Book New Mexico; Utah; California; Mexico
Reports of land cases determined in the United States district court for the northern district of California: June term, 1853 to June term, 1858, inclusive 1862 Rare Book California
Resources of Nebraska 1869 Pamphlet Nebraska
The rocky mountain gold regions containing sketches of its history, geography, botany, geology, mineralogy and gold mines, and their present operations... 1861 Rare Book
The routes and mineral resources of north western Canada 1898 Rare Book Canada
The Russian settlement in California, Fort Ross 1896 Pamphlet California
Sheet no. 2, western territories 1876 Map The West; Texas
Six weeks on horseback through Yellowstone park 1913 Rare Book; Correspondence Wyoming
Sketch indicating the advancement of the surveys of the public lands and military topographical and geological surveys west of the Mississippi 1879 Map Washington; Oregon; California; Nevada; Idaho; Utah; Arizona; Montana; Wyoming; Colorado; New Mexico; The Dakotas; Nebraska; Kansas; Oklahoma; Texas; Missouri; Minnesota; Wisconsin; Iowa; Illinois; Indiana; Arkansas; Louisiana; Mississippi
The sod house; reminiscent, historical and biographical sketches featuring Nebraska pioneers, 1867-1897 1930 Rare Book Nebraska; Indiana
Southwestern New Mexico 1720 Map Canada; Mexico; New Mexico; Louisiana; Virginia; North Carolina; South Carolina; Florida
[Stock certificate:]...This entitles W.H. Bassett to one share in Oak Grove City, each share being one four hundred & eightieth part of the lands, town site and lost claimed by the Oak Grove City Company 1856 Broadside Nebraska
Table of Distances, published for the information of the troops, serving in the district of New Mexico, with remarks and information necessary for camping parties 1878 Pamphlet New Mexico; Texas; Colorado
Ten days on the plains 1871 Rare Book Nebraska; Kansas; Illinois; Iowa
The territory of Dakota; the state of North Dakota; the state of South Dakota; an official statistical, historical and political abstract 1889 Rare Book The Dakotas
The territory of Wyoming its history, soil, climate, resources, etc. 1874 Rare Book; Pamphlet Wyoming
[Three maps from 'Guide to the Yukon gold fields, where they are and how to reach them'] 1895 Map Alaska; Canada; Pacific Northwest
A township map of the state of Iowa: compiled from the United States surveys, official information and personal reconnaissance, showing the streams, roads, towns, post offices, county seats, works of internal improvement... 1855 Map Iowa
A trip across the plains, and life in California 1851 Rare Book California; Ohio
A trip to the states, by the way of the Yellowstone and Missouri…with a table of distances 1867 Pamphlet Missouri; Wyoming
A trip to the Yellowstone National Park, in July, August, and September, 1875, from the journal of General W.E. Strong 1876 Rare Book; Journal Wyoming; Idaho; Montana
A true picture of emigration, or, fourteen years in the interior of North America 1848 Rare Book Illinois
Tuolumne County Water Company stock certificate 1853 Ephemera California
Two lectures on British Columbia 1868 Pamphlet; Broadside Canada; California
[Two maps from 'The Yellowstone National Park: a complete guide to and description of the wondrous Yellowstone region of Wyoming and Montana Territories of the United States of America'] 1883 Map Wyoming
The union agriculturalist and western prairie farmer 1841 Periodical Illinois
United States of America 1818 Map USA
United States: base map compiled by Henry Gannett 1911 Map Washington; Oregon; California; Nevada; Idaho; Utah; Arizona; Montana; Wyoming; Colorado; New Mexico; The Dakotas; Nebraska; Kansas; Oklahoma; Texas; Missouri; Minnesota; Wisconsin; Iowa; Illinois; Indiana; Michigan; Ohio; Arkansas; Louisiana; Mississippi; Alabama; Tennessee; Kentucky; Georgia; Florida; North Carolina; South Carolina; Virginia; West Virginia; Pennsylvania; New York;
Valley of the upper Wabash, Indiana: with hints on its agricultural advantages, plan of a dwelling, estimates of cultivation, and notices of labor-saving machines 1838 Rare Book Indiana; Illinois
Warsaw signal Vol. 2, No. 20 16 Jul 1845 Periodical Illinois
Western grazing grounds and forest ranges; a history of the live-stock industry as conducted on the open ranges of the arid West, with particular reference to the use now being made of the ranges in the national forests 1913 Rare Book Arizona; Wyoming; Utah; New Mexico
Western portraiture and emigrants' guide: a description of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa; with remarks on Minnesota, and other territories 1852 Rare Book Wisconsin; Illinois; Iowa
Where to emigrate and why. Homes and fortunes in the boundless West and the sunny South... with a complete history and description of the Pacific railroad 1869 Rare Book California; Oregon; Washington; Alaska; Idaho; Montana; Arizona; New Mexico; Utah; Colorado; Wyoming; The Dakotas; Nebraska; Kansas; Minnesota; Iowa; Missouri; Wisconsin; Michigan; Illinois; Virginia; North Carolina; South Carolina; Georgia; Alabama; Mississippi; Tennessee; Kentucky; Texas; Louisiana; Arkansas
A winter in the United States 1868 Journal
Wisconsin 1887 Map Wisconsin
The Yellowstone National Park and the mountain regions of portions of Idaho, Nevada, Colorado and Utah 1876 Rare Book Idaho; Nevada; Colorado; Utah
The Yosemite book: a description of the Yosemite Valley and the adjacent region of the Sierra Nevada and of the big trees of California 1868 Rare Book California
The Yosemite guide-book: a description of the Yosemite Valley and the adjacent region of the Sierra Nevada, and of the big trees of California 1870 Rare Book; Map California; Nevada