Homesteaders, Overland Travel and Early Settlements

Movement is not only an inescapable factor in US history, but one of its defining characteristics. Whatever the motive and whatever the means, the overland journeys themselves have become emblematic of progress, courage and the meritocratic spirit of the West.

1876, Rusk County Texas: 1877, cheap homes for 10,000 families: Rusk County is one of the oldest settled counties in the state... 1876 Broadside Texas
Account of a journey through north-eastern Texas, undertaken in 1849, for the purposes of emigration. Embodied in a report: to which are appended letters and verbal communications, from eminent individuals; lists of temperature; of prices of land, produce, and articles of merchandize... and the recently adopted constitution of Texas, with maps from the last authentic survey. 1849 Rare Book Texas; Louisiana
Across the plains in "49" 1910-1911 Pamphlet California; Iowa; Wyoming
Across the plains in ’65: a youngter’s journal from "Gotham" to "Pike’s Peak" 1905 Rare Book Kansas; Nebraska; Colorado; Wyoming
Across the plains. My trip from Faribault, Minn., to Oregon, via, Saskatchewan route, British America - account of the country, our sufferings and trials, &c. 1864 Journal Minnesota; Oregon
An address to the farmers of Great Britain… 1822 Rare Book Illinois
The American settler's guide: a popular exposition of the public land system of the United States of America 1882 Pamphlet
Annual Report of the Quartermaster General, of the operations of the quartermaster's department, for the fiscal year ending on the 30th June, 1850 1851 Rare Book Kansas; Nebraska; Wyoming; Idaho; Oregon; Texas; California; Pacific Northwest
Appleton’s new and complete United States guide book for travellers: embracing the northern, eastern, southern, and western states, Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, etc. Illustrated with forty-five engraved maps 1855 Rare Book Missouri; Ohio; Michigan; Minnesota; Iowa; Wisconsin; Indiana; Louisiana; Arkansas; Mississippi; Alabama; Tennessee; Kentucky; Georgia; Florida; North Carolina; South Carolina; Virginia; West Virginia; Pennsylvania; New York; Canada; Maine; Vermont; Massachusetts; Connecticut; Rhode Island; New Hampshire; New Jersey; Maryland; Texas
[Articles of agreement between Antoine Le Claire and George Davenport with six others founding a company to establish the town of Davenport, Iowa] 23 Feb 1836 Ephemera Iowa
Autobiography of Henry W. Blodgett 1906 Rare Book Illinois; Michigan
[Autograph letter signed from V. and J.P. Capron and E.W. and H. Chandler, addressed to John P. Capron of Marshfield, Vt.] 1845 Correspondence Iowa
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to Albert M. Lea of Philadelphia] 1836 Correspondence
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to R.M. Sherman of San Francisco] 1847 Correspondence California
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to R.R. Livingston of Plattsmouth, Nebraska] 1869 Correspondence; Pamphlet Nebraska
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to William Kimball, of South Oxford, Massachusetts] 1830 Correspondence Illinois
[Autograph letter signed, addressed to the writer’s mother] 18 Apr 1859 Correspondence Montana
[Autograph letters signed, addressed to various recipients] 1849-1850 Correspondence
[Autograph manuscript of a theatre program] 1863 Pamphlet; Ephemera Montana
Bell County, Texas. 1876. 1877. A general invitation to worthy people 1877 Broadside Texas
Beyond the West… 1870 Rare Book Wyoming; New Mexico; Arizona; Idaho; Oregon; Utah; Nevada; California; Montana; Nebraska; Colorado; Oklahoma
A biographical sketch of the life of William B. Ide c.1880 Rare Book California; Kentucky; Ohio; Illinois; Missouri; Kansas; Nebraska; Idaho; Utah; Nevada; Mexico
A book for the married and single, the grave and the gay: and especially designed for steamboat passengers 1850 Rare Book Iowa; Ohio; Missouri
[Business card] D. L. Payne, Oklahoma, President, Payne Oklahoma Colony Co. Indian Territory c.1860 Ephemera Oklahoma
California as it is and as it may be; or, A guide to the gold region 1849 Rare Book California
California: a trip across the plains, in the spring of 1850, being a daily record of incidents of the trip... 1850 Rare Book; Journal Nebraska; Utah; California
Californien – Das Neue Goldland 1849 Rare Book California
Campaigning against the Sioux. Being extracts from a diary kept during one of the three expeditions participated in by the author against the Sioux, under General Alfred Sully in 1863-4-5... 1906 Pamphlet The Dakotas; Montana
[Capital stock certificate - one share] 1858 Ephemera Nebraska
Centennial history and directory of La Porte City, Blackhawk county, Iowa 1876 Pamphlet; Directory Iowa
Certificate: McHenry County, Illinois 15 Jan 1838 Broadside Illinois
The Chisholm trail; a history of the world’s greatest cattle trail, together with a description of the persons, a narrative of the events, and reminiscences associated with the same c.1936 Rare Book Texas; Kansas; Oklahoma
Choice farming lands in Iowa and Nebraska: 1,880,000 acres for sale by the Rail Road Land Companies of Iowa and Nebraska, in tracts to suit purchasers, at low prices, on credit or for cash 1871 Pamphlet Iowa; Nebraska
Circular to the farmers, manufacturers and miners of Dakota Territory 1877 Broadside The Dakotas; Pennsylvania
[Collection of letters and other documents originating with Charles G. Hinman, or his family and friends] 1845-1905 Correspondence; Ephemera New York; Arkansas; Nebraska
Colorado County, Texas: its health, climate, soil, advantages and resources 1877 Pamphlet Texas
Colorado: its resources, parks, and prospects as a new field for emigration; with an account of the Trenchara and Costilla estates, in the San Luis park 1869 Rare Book Colorado
Commerce of the prairies, or, the journal of a Santa Fe trader: during eight expeditions across the great western prairies, and a residence of nearly nine years in northern Mexico, volume II 1844 Rare Book Mexico; New Mexico; Texas; Arkansas
Conquering the wilderness, or, New pictorial history of the life and times of the pioneer heroes and heroines of America 1883 Rare Book Kentucky; New Mexico; California
Crossing the Plains; narratives of the scenes, incidents and adventures attending the overland journey of the Decatur and Rush county emigrants to the "far-off" Oregon in 1852. With an introductory chapter by Camilia T. Donnell, and a thrilling narrative of a Buffalo Hunt and Battle Royal with Mountain Wolves, by Sutherland McCoy. 1896 Rare Book Indiana; Oregon
Daguerreotype portrait Photograph Minnesota
A day with the Cow Column in 1843; recollections of my boyhood 1934 Rare Book; Journal Oregon; Idaho
Death valley in '49... 1894 Rare Book California; Michigan; Wisconsin; Ohio
Descriptive pamphlet of Knox County, Nebraska 1883 Pamphlet Nebraska
Directory of the city of Council Bluffs and emigrants' guide to the gold regions of the west 1866 Rare Book; Directory Iowa; Nebraska
The discovery, settlement and present state of Kentucke… 1784 Rare Book Kentucky
The dreadful sufferings and thrilling adventures of an overland party of emigrants to California… 1850 Pamphlet California; Mississippi; Kansas
Early settlement and growth of Western Iowa; or, Reminiscences 1906 Rare Book Iowa; Ohio; Kansas; Nebraska; Missouri
Echoes from Arcadia. The story of Central City, as told by one of "The Clan" 1903 Rare Book Colorado
Echoes of the Past 1914 Rare Book California; Nevada; Illinois; Iowa; Missouri; Idaho; Wyoming; Ohio
Eight hundred miles in an ambulance 1889 Rare Book; Journal Wyoming
The emigrant's guide to California; giving a description of the overland route, from the Council Bluffs, on the Missouri River, by the South Pass, to Sacramento City... 1853 Rare Book California
The emigrant's guide to the United States of America... 1818 Rare Book Canada; New York; Virginia; Ohio; Pennsylvania; North Carolina; South Carolina; Kentucky; Tennessee; Georgia; Indiana; Louisiana; Mississippi; Alabama; Illinois; Michigan; Missouri
The emigrant's guide, to Oregon and California 1845 Rare Book Oregon; California; Iowa; Canada
The emigrants’ guide to California, containing every point of information for the emigrant, including routes, distances, water, grass: with a large map of routes, and profile of country, &c. with full directions for testing and assaying gold and other ores 1849 Pamphlet California; New Mexico; Kansas
The emigrant’s guide to New Mexico, California, and Oregon: giving the different overland and sea routes compiled from reliable authorities with a map of North America 1850 Rare Book New Mexico; California; Oregon
Extracts from the Diary of William C. Lobenstine, December 31, 1851-1858 1920 Diary; Journal California; New York
Family memories 1912 Rare Book; Journal Illinois
A frontier lady: recollections of the gold rush and early California 1932 Rare Book California; Iowa
Fruits of Mormonism, or A fair and candid statement of facts illustrative of Mormon principles, Mormon policy, and Mormon character, by more than forty eye-witnesses 1851 Rare Book Utah
The garden of the world, or the great west 1856 Rare Book Ohio; Indiana; Illinois; Michigan; Wisconsin; Iowa; Missouri; Kansas; Nebraska; Minnesota; Texas; New Mexico; Utah; Oregon; Washington; California
Geographical, geographical and statistical chart of Wisconsin and Iowa: designed especially for the use of emigrants and travellers 1838 Map; Broadside Wisconsin; Iowa
George Frederick Augustus Ruxton papers c.1839-1948 Correspondence; Broadside; Photograph Missouri; Mexico
Glimpses of Texas: its divisions, resources, development and prospects 1871 Rare Book Texas
The great west and Pacific coast c.1877 Rare Book The West; Pacific Northwest
Histoire de la Louisiane; volume I 1758 Rare Book Louisiana; New Mexico
Histoire de la Louisiane; volume II 1758 Rare Book Louisiana
Histoire de la Louisiane; volume III 1758 Rare Book Louisiana
History of Bloomington and Normal, in McLean County, Illinois 1879 Rare Book Illinois
History of the Donner Party. A tragedy of the Sierras 1879 Rare Book California; Illinois; Nevada; Wyoming
History of Kansas and emigrant's guide 1855 Rare Book Kansas
The history of Leavenworth, the metropolis of Kansas, and the chief commercial center west of the Missouri River… 1880 Rare Book; Directory Kansas
A history of Stockton from its organization up to the present time, including a sketch of San Joaquin County; comprising a history of the government, politics, state of society, religion, Fire department, commerce, secret societies, art, science, manufactures, agriculture... within the past thirty years 1880 Rare Book California
The history of Texas; or, The emigrant’s, farmer’s, and politician’s guide to the character, climate, soil and productions of that country: geographically arranged from personal observation and experience 1836 Rare Book Texas; Mexico
Horn’s overland guide 1852 Pamphlet; Map California; Iowa; Oregon
How to go West: a guide to southern Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, California and the whole great West 1872 Pamphlet Iowa; Nebraska; Kansas; California; Arizona; Colorado; New Mexico; Kansas; Oregon; Nevada; Utah
Idaho: six months in the new gold diggings. The emigrants guide overland. Itinerary of routes, features of the country, journal of residence, etc., etc. 1864 Pamphlet Idaho; Nebraska; Kansas
An important work on the North West. Wau-Bun, the "Early Day" in the North-West. By Mrs. John H. Kinzie, of Chicago. 1 vol. 8vo., 500 pages, with illustrations on stone. Price, $2.25. 1856 Broadside; Poster Illinois; Wisconsin
In camp and cabin: mining life and adventure, in California during 1850 and later c.1901 Rare Book California; Wisconsin; Mexico
Incidents and experience in Iowa from 1840 to 1844 1840-1844 Journal Iowa
The Iowa Handbook 1857 Rare Book Iowa
Iowa, the "great hunting ground" of the Indian, and the "beautiful land" of the white man: information for immigrants 1860 Pamphlet Iowa
James Clyman, American Frontiersman, 1792-1881. The adventures of a trapper and covered wagon emigrant... 1928 Rare Book California; Oregon; Missouri; Illinois; Wisconsin; Utah; Idaho; Wyoming; Nebraska; The Dakotas
John Lyle and Lyle Farm 1925 Rare Book Oregon
Journal from Urbana [Ohio] to Louisiana 1811 Journal Ohio; Louisiana
Journal of John Wood, as kept by him while traveling from Cincinnati to the gold diggings of California, in the spring and summer of 1850… 1852 Journal California; Ohio
A journal of the overland route to California! and the gold mines 1851 Pamphlet; Journal California; Arizona; Ohio
Journal of overland travel kept by William Gregg McPherson 1937 Journal Illinois; California
Journal of Samuel Rutherford Dundass...including his entire route to California, as a member of the Steubenville Company bound for San Francisco, in the year 1849 1857 Journal California
Journal of the sufferings and hardships of Capt. Parker H. French’s overland expedition to California, which left New York city, May 13, 1850, and arrived at San Francisco, Dec. 14 1851 Pamphlet; Journal California; Texas
A journal of a tour from Boston to Savannah, thence to Havana, in the island of Cuba: with occasional notes during a short residence in each place, thence to New Orleans and several western cities... 1848 Journal Massachusetts; Georgia; Ohio
Journal of travels from St. Josephs to Oregon 1850 Broadside Illinois
Journal of travels from St. Josephs to Oregon, with observations of that country, together with some description of California, its agricultural interests, and a full description of its gold mines 1850 Pamphlet; Journal Oregon; California
Journal of a trip to California, by the overland route across the plains in 1850-51 1852 Journal California
Kansas Pacific Railway: the best and shortest cattle trail from Texas. 1875 Pamphlet; Map Texas; Kansas
Kanzas and Nebraska: the history, geographical and physical characteristics, and political position of those territories; an account of the emigrant aid companies, and directions to emigrants... 1854 Rare Book Kansas; Nebraska; Missouri;
Last Chance for Cheap Homes! 1880 Broadside Kansas; Oklahoma
The Latter-Day Saints' Emigrants' Guide: being a table of distances... 1848 Pamphlet Iowa
Le Mexique et ses richesses. Guide des emigrants. 1862 Rare Book Mexico
Left by the Indians: story of my life c.1892 Pamphlet Oregon; Washington; Wisconsin
Letter: New Orleans to Stephen Minor 06 Dec 1806 Correspondence Louisiana
[Letterpaper] Sherman and Grayson County 1873 Pamphlet; Broadside Texas
Letters: [California], to Edward [McDonnell], 1850 Oct. 13-Nov. 25. 13 Oct 1850 - 25 Nov 1850 Correspondence California
The life and travels of Harriet Cline West. Reviewed and prepared for the press by James M. Hiatt 1910 Rare Book Missouri; Kansas; Texas; Colorado
Life and travels, labors and writings 1913 Rare Book; Journal Missouri; Nebraska; Wyoming; California
Life sketches of a jayhawker of ’49, by L. Dow Stephens; actually told by himself in his own way. 1916 Pamphlet Iowa; California; Arizona; Canada
Map of the ceded part of Dakota Territory [cartographic material]: showing also portions of Minnesota, Iowa & Nebraska 1861 Map The Dakotas; Iowa; Nebraska
Map of the gold regions of California, showing the routes via Chagres and Panama, Cape Horn &c. 1849 Map California; USA
Map of the Nez Perces and Salmon River gold mines in Washington Territory 1862 Pamphlet; Map Washington; Oregon
Map to illustrate 'Horn’s overland guide' 1852 Map California; Utah; New Mexico; Oregon; Nebraska
Map to illustrate Mr Kane's Travels in the territory of the Hudson's Bay Company 1859 Map Canada; Oregon
Memorandum and diary of J. Clyman 1840-1841 Diary; Journal
Memorial for a normal settlement 1854 Broadside Iowa
Memory pictures, an autobiography 1912 Rare Book Missouri; California; Oregon
Merrick County 1870 Broadside
Midnight and noonday; or, Dark deeds unraveled, giving twenty years experience on the frontier...and incidents happening in and around Caldwell, Kansas, from 1871 until 1890 1890 Rare Book Kansas
[Miniature portrait of George Frederick Augustus Ruxton] c.1840 Painting
The Minnesota Handbook, for 1856-7 1857 Rare Book Minnesota
Mormon way-bill, to the gold mines… 1851 Pamphlet Utah; California
My life on the plains, or, Personal experiences with the Indians 1874 Rare Book Missouri; Kansas; Arkansas; Oklahoma
Narative [sic] of Geo. J. Kellogg from 1849 to 1915: and some history of Wisconsin since 1835 1914 Pamphlet; Journal Wisconsin; Illinois; Iowa; Nebraska; Colorado; Nevada; California
Narrative of the captivity and extreme sufferings of Mrs. Clarissa Plummer 1838 Pamphlet Texas; Louisiana
Narrative of Richard Lee Mason in the pioneer west, 1819 1915 Pamphlet Illinois; Ohio; Kentucky; Indiana; Pennsylvania
Narrative of a voyage to the northwest coast of America in the years 1811, 1812, 1813, and 1814; or, The first American settlement on the pacific 1854 Rare Book; Journal Oregon; Canada
The national wagon road guide, from St. Joseph and Council Bluffs, on the Missouri River, via South Pass of the Rocky Mountains, to California... 1858 Pamphlet California; Iowa
The Negro trail blazers of California… 1919 Rare Book California
New England Colony of Iowa! This colony, consisting of persons from the New England states, is located in the southern part of Adair and the northeastern part of Adams Counties, in the town of Nevin… 1856 Poster Iowa
[A new map of the United States upon which are delineated its vast works of internal communication, routes across the continent, showing also Canada and the island of Cuba] 1851 Map USA; Canada; California; Oregon; New Mexico; Utah; Old Northwest
New route to California, and union of the Atlantic and Pacific, by road, railway or canal: with new homes for emigrants in the free colony of Costa Rica c.1850 Pamphlet California
Newhall's outline map of Iowa, exhibiting all the new counties, chief towns, roads, &C. 1848 Map Iowa
Northern Iowa. By a pioneer. Containing valuable information for emigrants. 1858 Pamphlet Iowa
The northern route to Idaho: and the Pacific Ocean 1864 Broadside Idaho; Missouri
Notes concerning the Kellogg's 1927 Rare Book Michigan; Iowa; Nebraska; Colorado; Wyoming; Nevada; California
The Octagon Plan of Settlement, originated by Henry S. Clubb... 185? Broadside
Official map of the Territory of Arizona: with all the recent explorations c.1864 Map Arizona
Official report of the Owyhee reconnoissance, made by Lieut. Colonel C.S. Drew, 1st Oregon Cavalry, in the summer of 1864, pursuant to the orders of Brigadier George Wright, commanding Dept. of the Pacific 1865 Pamphlet Oregon
Oklahoma Colony! 1883 Broadside; Ephemera Oklahoma
Oklahoma! Politically and topographically described. History and guide to the Indian Territory. Biographical sketches of Capt. David L. Payne, W. L. Couch, WM. H. Osborn, and others 1885 Rare Book Oklahoma
On to Oklahoma! 1883 Broadside; Ephemera Oklahoma
Oregon as it is; its present and future... 1873 Pamphlet Oregon
Oregon country: a circular to the citizens of the U. States. 1831 Broadside Oregon
Oregon; or, A short history of a long journey... 1833 Rare Book Oregon
Outlines of history of the Territory of Dakota, and emigrant’s guide to the free lands of the Northwest. Accompanied with a new sectional map 1870 Pamphlet The Dakotas
Overland journey 1849-1850 Journal California; Colorado
Overland journey to California: journal of James Bennett whose party left New Harmony in 1850 and crossed the plains and mountains until the Golden West was reached c.1932 Pamphlet; Journal California; Indiana; Nebraska; Wyoming; Missouri
Overland journey to Carson Valley, Utah; through Kansas, Nebraska and Utah; also return trip from San Francisco to Seneca Falls, via the Isthmus 1861 Pamphlet Kansas; Nebraska; Utah; California
Overland route to California, description of the route, via council bluffs, Iowa 1852 Pamphlet California; Iowa
The overland stage to California: personal reminiscences and authentic history of the great overland stage line and pony express from the Missouri River to the Pacific Ocean 1901 Rare Book California; Kansas; Colorado
[Pass issued to Col. Livingston, 1st Regt., Neb. Vol. Cav., between Julesburg and Thompson’s Station] 1864 Correspondence; Ephemera
[Passport issued to George Ruxton for travel in Europe and Spain] 25 Jun 1844 Ephemera
Pawnee Bill (Major Gordon W. Lillie): his experiences and adventures on the western plains; or, from the saddle of a "cowboy and ranger" to the chair of "Bank President" 1902 Rare Book Oklahoma
Pen pictures of early western days c.1908 Rare Book Iowa; California
The petition of B.F. Dowell and others, asking for pay for two companies of Oregon volunteers, and their expenses, called into service in 1854 1869 Pamphlet Oregon
Phelps’s Travellers’ guide through the United States; containing upwards of seven hundred rail-road, canal, and stage and steam boat routes, accompanied with a new map of the United States 1849 Rare Book; Directory
[Photographic views of the region around Pike’s Peak, Colorado] c.1888 Photograph Colorado
Pony tracks 1895 Rare Book The Dakotas; Mexico
Prairie farming in America: with notes by the way on Canada and the United States 1859 Rare Book Ohio; Minnesota; Kentucky; Michigan; Canada; Old Northwest
"A pretty fair view of the eliphent"… 1960 Correspondence; Journal; Pamphlet Illinois; California
Proceedings of the Johnson County Old Settlers Association 1866-1897 Pamphlet Iowa
Projet d’etablissement sur la partie espagnole des Illinois c.1771 Broadside; Ephemera Illinois
Rambles in the North West; across the prairies and in the passes of the Rocky Mountains... 1885 Pamphlet Canada
A random historical sketch of Meeker County, Minnesota: from its first settlement to July 4th, 1876... with an accurate map by Henry L. Smith 1877 Rare Book Minnesota
Recollections of a California pioneer 1917 Rare Book California; Canada; Wisconsin; Arizona
Recollections of David Smith c.1915 Pamphlet; Diary Illinois
Recollections of my boyhood 1914 Rare Book Oregon; Missouri; Idaho; Wyoming; Washington
Reid’s tramp, or, A journal of the incidents of ten months travel through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Sonora, and California. Including topography, climate, soil, minerals, metals and inhabitants; with a notice of the great inter-oceanic rail road 1858 Journal; Rare Book Texas; New Mexico; Arizona; California
Reise blandt de norske emigrannter i "De Forenede nordamerikanske fristater" 1846 Rare Book
Report and map of the superintendent and engineer of the Smoky Hill Expedition, together with the table of distances 1861 Rare Book Kansas
Report from a select committee of the House of Representatives, on the overland emigration route from Minnesota to British Oregon: with an appendix 1858 Pamphlet Minnesota; Canada; Oregon
Report of the first-[fourth] reunion of the Tri-State Old Settlers’ Association, of Illinois, Missouri and Iowa 1884-1887 Rare Book Illinois; Missouri; Iowa
Report of the Secretary of the Interior: communicating reports upon the Pacific wagon roads constructed under the direction of that department 1859 Map Nebraska
Report on the subject of the massacre at the Mountain Meadows, in Utah Territory, in September, 1857 1860 Pamphlet Utah
Resources of Nebraska 1869 Pamphlet Nebraska
The Russian settlement in California, Fort Ross 1896 Pamphlet California
Sandfærdig beretning om Amerika: til oplysning og nytte for bonde og menigmand; forfattet af en norsk, som kom derover i juni maaned 1837 1839 Pamphlet Colorado; Mexico
The Santa Fé trail to California, 1849-1852: the journal and drawings of H. M. T. Powell 1931 Rare Book; Journal California; Missouri; New Mexico
A selection of visual material from the Newberry Library 1843-1912 Illustration; Front Cover; Painting; Drawing; Photograph
The settler’s guide, containing a description of Buena Vista County, in which is the city of Storm Lake 1872 Pamphlet Iowa
Skeleton map of the overland mail route to California 1857 Map California
Sketch exhibiting the routes between Fort Laramie and the Great Salt Lake 1858 Map; Broadside Wyoming; Utah; The West
Sketch of part of the march & wagon road of Lt. Colonel Cooke, from Santa Fe to the Pacific Ocean, 1846-7: from a point on Grande River (near which the road should cross,) to the Pimo Villages where he fell into and followed the route of Gen. Kearny, down the Gila River 1848 Map California; Arizona; New Mexico
Sketches from America 1870 Rare Book Canada; Illinois; Iowa; Nebraska; Wyoming
Sketches of the early settlement and present advantages of Princeton, including valuable statistics, etc.: also, a brief sketch of Bureau County, and a business directory 1857 Directory Illinois
Sketches of a journey from Smithboro, Pa. to California and return. April 19, 1841-July 20, 1844. 1876 Journal; Diary Pennsylvania; Missouri; Illinois; New Mexico
[Sketches of a journey from Smithboro, Pennsylvania to California and return] 19 Jul 1841 - 20 Jul 1844 Diary; Journal Pennsylvania; Missouri; Illinois; New Mexico; California
The sod house; reminiscent, historical and biographical sketches featuring Nebraska pioneers, 1867-1897 1930 Rare Book Nebraska; Indiana
Some pioneer recollections, being the autobiography of George Lathrop, one of the first to help in the opening of the West… 1927 Rare Book Wyoming; The Dakotas; California; Colorado; Montana; Oregon; Utah
Stories of the Old Santa Fé Trail 1881 Rare Book Arkansas; Kansas; Mexico
The story of my capture and escape during the Minnesota Indian massacre of 1862 1904 Pamphlet Minnesota
Ten days on the plains 1871 Rare Book Nebraska; Kansas; Illinois; Iowa
Thirty-fifth annual reunion of the Old Settlers of Johnson County 22 Aug 1901 Pamphlet Iowa
Thirty-seventh annual reunion of the Old Settlers of Johnson County 20 Aug 1903 Pamphlet Iowa
Thirty-sixth annual reunion of the Old Settlers of Johnson County 21 Aug 1902 Pamphlet Iowa
This certifies that [space] has paid twenty dollars to the American Society for encouraging the settlement of the Oregon Territory... 1831 Ephemera; Broadside Oregon
A thousand miles in a canoe, or, A canoe voyage from Denver, Colorado, to Leavenworth, Kansas: during the summer of 1867; a personal adventure by Dean Perceval 1880 Pamphlet Colorado; Kansas
Threads of Alaskan gold c.1904 Rare Book Alaska
Three weeks in the gold mines, or, Adventures with the gold diggers of California in August, 1848: together with advice to emigrants, with full instructions upon the best method of getting there, living, expenses, etc., etc., and a complete description of the country 1848 Pamphlet California
Thrilling narrative of the adventures, sufferings and starvation of Pike's Peak gold seekers on the plains of the west in the winter and spring of 1859. By one of the survivors. Whiteside County, Illinois, 1860. c.1890 Rare Book Colorado; Kansas
[Ticket] Payne's lecture on Oklahoma. Admit one 1883 Ephemera Oklahoma
To our Oklahoma colonists. Those who wish a home in that beautiful country 1882 Broadside; Pamphlet Oklahoma
To the Senators and members of the House of Representatives of Congress... c.1860 Broadside Montana; Kansas
To the settlers of the counties of Platte Buchanan and Holt… 1844 Broadside Nebraska
To tax payers 1872 Broadside Iowa
The travelers' guide across the Plains, upon the overland route to California… 1852 Pamphlet California; Missouri
The traveler’s companion through the great interior. A guide for the road to California, by the south pass in the Rocky Mountains, and Sublett’s and Headpath’s cut offs... 1854 Pamphlet California
Travellers guide to and through the state of Ohio 1832 Pamphlet Ohio; Virginia; Kentucky; Indiana
Traveller’s guide: a map of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, extending from Pittsburgh to the Gulf of Mexico 1844 Map
The traveller’s register, and river and road guide: containing a new and correct map of the rivers of the Mississippi valley: together with the stage, steamboat, canal and rail-road routes throughout the western and south western states, with the distances, in miles, from place to place 1847 Rare Book; Diary Ohio; Michigan; Illinois; Indiana; Kentucky
Travels and experiences in America with army, and Indian reminiscences c.1890 Journal; Diary Oklahoma; Kansas; Missouri; Canada
A trip across the plains in the year 1849, with notes of a voyage to California, by way of Panama. Also, some spiritual songs 1864 Rare Book California
A trip across the plains, and life in California 1851 Rare Book California; Ohio
A trip to the states, by the way of the Yellowstone and Missouri…with a table of distances 1867 Pamphlet Missouri; Wyoming
A true picture of emigration, or, fourteen years in the interior of North America 1848 Rare Book Illinois
The Ute War: a history of the White River Massacre and the privations and hardships of the captive white women among the hostiles on Grand River 1879 Rare Book Colorado
Valley of the upper Wabash, Indiana: with hints on its agricultural advantages, plan of a dwelling, estimates of cultivation, and notices of labor-saving machines 1838 Rare Book Indiana; Illinois
[Wagon master’s train book of Edward Boulware for three trips in June, July, and August 1865, from Nebraska City to Fort Kearney or Fort MacPherson] 1865 Journal Nebraska
Wagon road from Fort Defiance to the Colorado River. Letter from the Secretary of War, transmitting the report of the superintendent of the wagon road from Fort Defiance to the Colorado River 1858 Pamphlet; Journal Texas; Arizona; New Mexico; California
Western portraiture and emigrants' guide: a description of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa; with remarks on Minnesota, and other territories 1852 Rare Book Wisconsin; Illinois; Iowa
A western tour: in a series of letters written during a journey through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and into the states of Illinois and Kentucky: giving an account of the soil, face of the country, antiquities and natural curiosities etc 1819 Correspondence; Journal Pennsylvania; Ohio; Indiana; Illinois; Kentucky
A winter in the United States 1868 Journal